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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Any questions? See if you can find the answer below. If not – contact us

I would like to apply to your firm, but I have not found the right vacancy. What can I do?

Those who are interested in working in our company but have not found an open vacancy for a position that would be of interest to them, may use the available opportunity to submit their application using the universal application form which can be found on our Career page. Using the universal application form, you can send us the relevant documents (CV or portfolio, if any) and write which position/role/area you would be most interested in.

What is the best way to apply for a specific job offer in your firm?

By far the best way to apply for a specific position is to send an application via our application form, which is linked to the position on our Career page. You can also send an e-mail to our recruiters or contact them on LinkedIn.

What are the stages of the recruitment process in your firm?

It all depends on the position for which a candidate applies.

The first stage of recruitment sometimes involves a short telephone interview if there are issues we need to clear.

In the case of IT-related positions, the recruitment process typically involves just one meeting – an interview with a recruiter and the subject-matter expert. If we are unable to resolve all issues and verify the candidate’s actual skills during the interview, we may send him or her a task to perform. Typically, you will have a few days to complete the task. Such a procedure is usually used for positions which involve creating a vision or designing a process or graphics, e.g. UX Designer or Web Designer, and less frequently for positions closely related to programming.

For developer positions, before an interview, a candidate usually receives a competency questionnaire to fill in, specifying his or her strengths in particular IT areas.

We also strive to fill the marketing, sales or support positions during one recruitment stage – usually it involves an interview with a recruiter and the manager of a relevant department. In the case of specialist positions, e.g. SEO Specialist or Google Adwords Specialist, there is also a test of theoretical and practical knowledge on a test/case study basis.  Sales positions sometimes require a second stage of recruitment, testing the practical skills in presenting Profitroom products to potential Clients.

Managerial positions usually involve an interview with members of the Management Board. Sometimes the process can be closed in one longer meeting, in other cases it involves two meetings.

If a candidate applies for a position which requires daily contacts in a foreign language, verification of language knowledge (by phone or during a recruitment meeting) is always an additional recruitment step.

What are the working hours in your firm?

Working hours depend on your department. In some departments, greater flexibility of working hours is possible, e.g. in IT, R&D or the department responsible for creating websites. In these departments, the optimum time of arrival at work is 8:00 to 9:30. However, in departments that deal with customer contacts, e.g. support, sales or marketing, there is slightly less flexibility and working hours are more precise, e.g. 8:30/9:00 – 16:30/17:00. The office is open between 8:00 and 18:00.

What non-wage benefits does your company offer?

We are continuously expanding our offer of non-wage benefits for our employees. At present, we offer: subsidies to the Multisport card, private healthcare, Business English online, internal training courses and a budget for external training courses/conferences, and the possibility of selecting the system on which you work (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu) – this is important mainly for developer positions.

In addition, we have meetings as part of the Profitroom Academy for employees – it is an internal initiative “employees for employees”. Specialists from various fields conduct thematic meetings for their colleagues which allow them to expand their knowledge in areas which they do not deal with on a daily basis.

If someone from the developer department wants to learn something on, e.g. conducting an Adwords campaign, or if a person from the sales department wants to learn to create websites, they are granted the opportunity. This is a great initiative and it expands the horizons of our employees in various fields, allowing them to develop new skills, and sometimes even pursue their extra-professional passions at no cost at all.

Will I get feedback on my application if the decision is negative?

Every person invited by us to at least the first stage of recruitment will receive feedback, both negative and positive. Within two weeks we will inform you of the outcome of the recruitment or our decision to invite you to the next stage of recruitment.

Should any documents other than a CV be attached?

We do not require any additional documents other than a CV (cover letter or documents confirming language courses or training). However, some of the positions require the candidate’s portfolio to be attached – in such cases, information about the need to attach the portfolio is included in the vacancy notice or in the form.

What if I have questions about a given recruitment process?

If you have any questions about the recruitment process, it is best to contact either the recruitment department by phone or e-mail or the recruiter responsible for the recruitment process directly. If you cannot find specific information on our website, you can always write an e-mail to our general address: asking us to contact you about a given recruitment process or to answer specific questions.

Does the company have a dress code?

There is no official dress code in our company. People who meet with clients or candidates on a daily basis or have business meetings should dress neatly and wear “smart casual” clothes (no suit or jacket is required – a smart shirt will be sufficient :)). Other employees dress as they please.